Take Action! (Dare I say, “Just Do It?”), 

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I’m amazed at how many people genuinely want to do awesome things with their lives, some even set big goals… and then keep on doing the same things they’ve always done. Really???

Remember this: To do things you’ve never done, you have to start by doing things you’ve never done.

Taking action is the single greatest determinant of success. And yes, it requires leaving your comfort zone. There’s another name for comfort zone: rut. Let me tell you, very few of the great things in life happen in your comfort zone.

When my father passed away two years ago and my siblings and I were sorting through his things we found something we’d never imagined: “Memory Power” learning tapes, and Tony Robbins Personal Power tapes. Plans for businesses. The thing that hurt? They were all unopened. He bought them with full intention to use them, and then fear stopped him.

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! You are a Virtuoso so you set big goals to do awesome new things… and you take action!

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PS  I did something big and new this weekend… Virtuoso You. The live event I told you about was a great success, far better than I’d imagined for my first public two-day transformation event! We had 30 attendees with 4 VIPS for two days of learning how to Become A Life Virtuoso… world class at the things that matter to you. The reviews and evaluations have been overwhelmingly positive. I will repeat this event in six months and we’ll let you know how to come (and bring your team!). Next up, however is my two-day “What If Experience.” It’s all about creativity, innovation, and problem solving… how to make “What If” work every time no matter what. I’ll let you know details soon!

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