The Biggest Dream-Killing Phrase Ever Spoken. Don’t.

My Least Favorite Word and Why You Should NOT Use It. Starting a fire. The wheel. The Pyramids. Hannibal’s victory over the Romans. Harnessing electricity. The Hoover Dam. The return of a crippled Apollo 13. The 1980 Miracle on Ice. The personal computer. The internet.

Don’t Start With What’s Possible… Setting Bold Goals

Don’t Start With What’s Possible… I want you to Write music that you can’t play. Or in non-musical terms, set goals that don’t exist. Most of us, from individuals to multinational corporations, set goals that exist, the next step, small increases. Did you know that’s arbitrary? It doesn’t have to be that way. Exponential change […]

Fox Theater – Big Goals

The Wheneverly Blog video link: Let me say at the outset, this blog will be an unlikely marriage of my thoughts on guitar, comedy and entertainment; as well as personal development tools and tenets, and occasionally spiritual matters. That’s because my shows, and really my life, are that same unlikely marriage of all of […]