The Choice…
Really? One decision, one simple decision, will be THE most life changing decision you’ll ever make?

Yes. That is exactly what I’m saying. And that is what this blog will be about, though I will likely take this to many tangential issues as well. This one decision will positively effect everything in your life, forever, to the degree to which you embrace it. It will revolutionize your work, your relationships, your income, even your spiritual life. It will change a dull life to one of action and excitement. It will cause people to appreciate and depend on you at work, and your employer to take notice. It will cause your family to wonder about you at first, and then, quite often to follow suit. Your health, energy, and sleep will all very likely improve. You will become an example to those around you. It is the decision that everyone who is truly successful has made, and the very thing that illudes those who complain and never seem to have enough. This decision, simply put, will be transformational.

Are you ready? Here it is: Choose Excellence. Choose to be an excellent human being, to live a life of excellence. As a classically trained guitarist I tend to use music metaphors so I exhort my keynote audiences to, “Become a Virtuoso!” For my purposes it means the same thing and I will use them interchangeably.

You’re not born that way…
So, what do I mean by excellence? Excellence by definition means the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. It means taking the high road, deciding that from this point forward, everything you do in life you do right and to the fullest! You no longer allow shortcuts or taking the easy route just because it’s easier. You decide what is best in every area of your life and set yourself on a path to achieve it. You raise the bar on what you will allow for yourself, regardless of what others do
and/or allow for themselves.

In my humble opinion, because I consider one’s faith as integral to becoming a virtuoso, this is the most important decision you will ever make. I teach a 60-90 minute breakout session on just this subject, called “How To Get To YOUR Carnegie Hall.” Making this decision is the first and most important step to rising to the top one percent of your field, career or industry.

I call it a decision because no one is born excellent, no one becomes a virtuoso by accident. In fact, as my friend, Brian Tracy points out, in the absence of choosing excellence the default is not greatness or even goodness. The default is mediocrity. Exactly every person who’s achieved excellence in anything at some point and in some way made the conscious decision to become that.

So, this blog will be about excellence. How to rise to the top 10%, 3% and even 1% of your field. How to get the most out of life. And as is true of my shows, I’ll most definitely have some fun with it.

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