“What IF?” vs Nebraska Floods… a GREAT story!

Evan gathered his team together and in the face of flood waters and every adversity said, “The community needs what we sell to recover from this flood. I know this is crazy, but what if we could open today, by 8AM, how would we do it?

Just Do It… How Darla doubled her goal!

Doer? Or Watcher? Which One Are You? Check out the unsolicited testimonial that appeared this week on my Facebook Page (especially if you’ve ever considered my services as a keynote presenter or coach): “Shortly after attending Mike’s “What IF?” presentation I got inspired and put together a rather aggressive business strategy and a monthly goal that […]

Are You Half-Hearted?

My 15-yr old son, Zach, decided he wants to play hockey (inspired by the Vegas Golden Knights’ success). He passionately wants to play. He (and I) started playing street hockey twice a week. Zach got a stick, a small goal and he practices in our cul-de-sac every afternoon… until after 10PM. He’s going to the gym to […]

The Key To Behavior Change Part 2: Identity

Let’s start with a couple of “duh” statements: If you’re not where you want to be, something has to change. Duh. That “something…” is not your spouse, your kids, your boss, your friend, the economy, the government, the world, or anything else… it’s you. Duh. We could stop right there and you’ve got the formula. […]

The Key To Behavior Change. (Resolutions, Anyone?)

It’s the third week of February. According to statistics 75% of you have abandoned your New Year’s resolutions as of… three, two, one, now. What were they… lose weight? Save money? Eat better? Exercise? Cut back on social media? Quit smoking? Do you even get excited when I mention, “New Year’s Resolutions?” Probably not. Here’s […]

The Power of Not Responding

Above, I was no more proselytizing for Buddha, than I proselytize for Dr. Seuss when I sing “I do not like green eggs and ham” to the tune of “Black Dog.” 🙂

Do You Want To Get Well?

Stop whining, it annoys people. 
Stop complaining, it doesn’t change anything.
Stop making excuses, they only justify inaction.
Choose now to get well, decide what that means, and do it.