Watch What Others Do, Imitate What Works

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One of the first messages I learned as I began to embrace personal development is: Success leaves clues.

So follow them. 

Watch and study people who are successful, do what they do, and you’re likely to get similar results. 

In particular, find people who are successful in an area at least similar to what you want to create or achieve.

I don’t mean copy them, and certainly don’t steal from anyone.

But emulating or imitating is integral to art and business. 

And here’s the cool thing about imitating those you respect: 

You can’t do it. 

Though you’ll try you’ll fall short, wonderfully short. 

But what you come up with as you try will in time become your own style. 

Also, I learn from any kind of success so I freely borrow concepts (not specifics) from many different areas.

That said, here’s an idea: Copy me.

If my last two tips about the necessity to constantly reinvent, both as organizations and as individuals, resonated with you and you’re wondering how to reinvent for yourself or your organization, why not watch me; I’m immersed in it right now. 

I don’t say that out of pride or ego, I just know a lot about reinventing myself professionally as I’ve it done more than a dozen times. 

So each week I’ll share what I’m doing to reinvent. 

Each sweeping move will also be part of a much larger change which won’t be evident for a few months.  

I invite you to watch me and learn what you can, even if what you learn is to not do what I just did (which is a valid lesson, by the way). 

I may not do it right, well, or in the same way you would. 

However, I will do it, and that boldly. 


Rayburn Reinvention #1…

CMI Speaker Management. Six weeks ago I amicably switched from my agent of 5 1/2 years and signed with CMI Speaker Management. CMI is amazing, the gold standard, and this is the necessary foundation of changes to come. 


Rayburn Reinvention #2…

Guitar Giveaway. Now, in every keynote I surprise an attendee who’s willing to speak up and share an a new idea he or she has come up with during my program, with a brand new guitar! Seriously. 


Rayburn Reinvention #3… ***

What NOW? …Your What If Action of the Week (or What IF Action Videos). I have created and launched a resource for companies to sustain the excitement from their conferences and really implement my keynote message and supercharge their results. (See below)


Now… Rayburn Reinvention #4…

My New Web Site! 

I ask you to:

1. Look at it and share your comments with me. 

2. Share with me your ongoing results as you reinvent yourself or your group. 

3. PLEASE share this blog with everyone on your social media by cutting and pasting this link:

Live Truly, Truly Live,


PS Next week I will offer some questions to ask yourself to help you reconsider and reinvent, and share my latest reinvention which happens Thursday. 

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