In action

“Content is critical. But content doesn’t change people. What changes people is the experience, and that’s what I do.

I will make your event unforgettable."

- Mike Rayburn

What if sizzle (3 min)

Hall of Fame and TED Talk speaker, Mike Rayburn’s “What IF Keynote Experience” on innovation, creativity and performance. The singular goal: Create a new mindset for possibility thinking, change and virtuoso performance.

What if backstage (5 min)

“It’s about a new MINDSET… the “What IF?” mindset. I will equip and align your teams with the ability to look at the landscape everyone else sees, and find the opportunities that they’re all missing.” – Mike Rayburn

What if Content (17 min)

17 minute detailed overview of Rayburn’s award winning, transformational “What IF? Keynote Experience.” Rayburn teaches innovation and performance using guitar and comedy, creating an unforgettable experience.

Starving in the midst of plenty (2 min)

Rayburn shows you how to find those opportunities, elevate your vision, and perform like virtuosos in any field… and QUIT PLAYING SMALL! We must all reinvent, regularly, intentionally, strategically, before it seems like it’s time.

Virtuoso hologram (7 min)

Have you ever seen a keynote speech where the audience jumped to their feet and erupted in a well-deserved standing ovation? It’s just magical and unforgettable. Well, how can you make that happen?

Classically Trained, Comically Derailed (4 min)

Rayburn’s Carnegie Hall and Las Vegas Headlining show! Wild guitar and comedy. For after-dinner, performing arts and theaters. Perfect for opening or closing keynotes, or anywhere you event needs an inspirational injection of energy.

Why Rayburn?

Why Mike Rayburn?

2 min

Tedx/NASA - What IF?

What IF?

18 min

TEDx/Navesink - Become A Life Virtuoso

Become A Life Virtuoso

11:50 min

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody - Studio

6 min

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