Lead by example…

We are all capable of far more than we ever knew was possible. Most of us know that, but few know how to access that unrealized potential. I can teach anyone how to do that. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is doing that in front of 5000 people – or 50 – and not boring them to tears, or using godforsaken powerpoint. I mean, if we’re really teaching people how to look at things differently, why do the same old keynote in the same old way: Stiff speaker using graphs and statistics?

So, I use wild guitar and clean, creative comedy. And it WORKS!  I have friends who use juggling, acrobatics, music, dance… The key is to have people laughing and amazed so long they don’t realize until later, “Hey, I’ve learned something, this material works!” I love it because for the rest of the conference or as they leave they’re quoting (and therefore USING) my “What If…?” message.

So, if you want people to truly think bigger, to think differently, to find opportunities where they’re not evident, to become possibility thinkers, use a keynote presenter who exemplifies that in his or her presentation style. Think “outside the box” yourself and maybe your attendees will. And hey, if it’s not me you use, I can give you some names.