Fail Your Way to Mega-Success

Become a failure in your field, and supercharge your results. When I learned whitewater kayaking, my teacher and mentor Bill Clarke said, “If you’re not flipping, you’re not learning.” Flipping is failing. Every day on the river if I wasn’t flipping I pushed harder, tried more, so I could get to failing. And I did […]

Failure and Rejection Need To Be Your Policy

Last week I shared that the reason we need to be free to fail and be rejected is that we will fail, we will be rejected, and that these are integral to success. Picking up there, successful people actually fail more than unsuccessful people. The difference is unsuccessful people stop at failure. Successful people keep failing until they succeed. The same is true for rejection; the more successful you are, the more often you’ll be rejected.

Fail Faster, Fail Often

Fail Faster, Fail Often Do you want to succeed faster? Then you need to fail faster. By now you certainly know that failure is an integral part of success. You also know that if it’s a great goal, keep on failing until you succeed. But don’t you still hate failure? Avoid it? Sometimes fear it? […]