How The Masters Became Masters… and YOU can too!


While Mike was busy recording A “Nerd” CD, videographer, Troy Hepler was rolling tape… video tape. But Mike wanted more than just a “The Making of…” story. Surrounded by some of the greatest musicians in the world including the great Phil Keaggy, Mike took the opportunity to interview each of them… about SUCCESS! As an International Speaker Hall of Fame member Mike says, “We usually learn about business and personal success from speakers, business leaders and sports figures. What about world-class artists? I wanted to know what THEY had to say.”

So Mike asked each of them about what it takes to become the best, how they achieved greatness, and focused on the principles which apply for ANYONE, in any career. This is your chance to learn from the best… about personal excellence, listening and teamwork, your best marketing tool, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and personal responsibility. Includes 8 interviews.

Bonus: “The Making Of 'A Nerd Like Me.” Of course it made sense to tell the story, show the recording sessions, and walk you through the process of how a CD is recorded, from songwriting to finished master tape. Mike takes you through the process with an inside look at the sessions, the goofy moments, and the raw musicianship.

EXTRA BONUS! Included on the DVD is Mike's exclusive studio, YouTube video of Bohemian Rhapsody. You can see just how it's played.

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