Mike Rayburn is a Hall of Fame Speaker, a keynote artist who teaches innovation, possibility thinking and performance to organizations world wide. He is also an author, world class guitarist, comedian and adventurer.

“The Content Of His Character” – Dr. Martin Luther King – Is anyone listening?

Dr. Martin Luther King has the solution we need, right now, but is anyone still listening? I believe his solution could change all race relations, reduce crime, and heal most of what’s broken in our society. Dr. King asked simply that a person not be judged by anything other than “the content of his character.” Not race, religion, gender, education, sexual preference, just who you are.

Mike’s Big Bike Trip

In the Spring of 2000 Mike rode a bicycle from San Diego, CA. to New York City. He pedaled 4010 miles, performed over 30 concerts and raised money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Here is his story…It was a hot July afternoon in Virginia, and I was sweating hard, and happily pedaling my 10-speed west on Hwy 50 toward Winchester with my best friend, Toby, a few yards behind me. We were 15 years old, and on first day of an adventurous 3-day trip, having the time of our lives!

Succeed Anyway

Shortly after I became a professional speaker in 2001, one of my first speaking opportunities was doing a keynote and breakout session for a special group of high school technology students in Georgia. The interesting thing is the racial balance of the group. The largest group was African-American students, followed by hispanic, then white, and…

Taking Chances

Going with my “Break a Leg” theme, taking chances, smart chances, calculated risks is one of the fundamental hallmarks of high achievers. But if you’re one of them you know this, right? My point in writing about it now is to ask you, are you still doing it? Are you maintaining your edge? In my…