Creative Procrastination For Virtuoso Success

Creative Procrastination For Virtuoso Success! (Urgent vs Important) Yes, procrastination can be a good thing. Most of us, with great intentions of doing important things, don’t want little things like email, texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, or errands to get in the way. So, we do those first with the idea that we’ll have a […]

Virtuoso You – Live Blab

Hey! I recorded a live #Blab with Darren LaCroix; my wife, Tara, and a couple of surprise guests about  Virtuoso You, what you will learn and why it’s so important to learn these principles, whether you learn them from us or elsewhere. (Best viewed in Google Chrome browser). Become a LIFE VIRTUOSO! Master What Matters using […]

Virtuosos Schedule What’s Important

Virtuosos Schedule What’s Important. (“Nobody Gets In To See The Wizard. Not Nobody. Not No How.”)  Novelist, William Faulkner, was asked if he writes when he’s inspired, or at a regular time each day? He responded, “I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at 9 o’clock every morning.”    […]

Character – The Most Important Trait Of Highest Performers

Become a person of impeccable character Highest performers, all truly successful people value their character above all else. My definition of character is “the application of excellence to personhood.” Others have said that character is what you do when no one’s looking. Character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you. Character […]

Eat Your Sacred Cows – Change and Innovation Through Reinvention

Here’s a fun hypothetical: Let’s say you and I worked together regularly up until a few years ago, what idiosyncrasies might you know about me? You’d know that…1. I don’t use guitar effects like reverb and echo. 2. I don’t use techno-gimmicks like powerpoint or video. 3. I don’t enjoy pre-presentation conference calls with clients because I do my homework and I’ll do a great presentation without it.

Magic Johnson – Success and Wisdom From A Life Virtuoso Part One

This past October I was blessed to speak for the second time for Telogis, an awesome mobile asset tracking company. What a surprise when they said, “Mike, you’ll share the stage with Magic Johnson.” As a Keynote Artist and student of success, I take copious notes and learn from every speaker and entertainer I experience. Magic Johnson was a wealth of success wisdom!

Implosion! The Key To Innovation, Creativity, and Intentional Change

I smiled as I watched last night’s implosion of Debbie Reynolds’ Hollywood Hotel (Greek Isles, Clarion) in Las Vegas. It’s “Star Theater” was the quintessential, old-style Vegas showroom. Over the years it’s been home to countless shows including my “Mike Rayburn and Friends” show five years ago. I have the distinction of having the last sold out show that theater ever saw! (Sniff, smile).

How To Do Or Change ANYTHING! Really!

If you’re willing to do the work, here’s how to know what work to do. When I get inspired (or convinced) to do or change something one of two things happens: Either I’m hit with an excited jumble of completely unorganized ideas that apply but have no order or process; or I have no ideas whatsoever.

Wealth, Welfare, and the “Something For Nothing” Myth

Wealth, Welfare, and a New Word: Flucrative. I made a cool typo I just discovered this morning. Writing the word “lucrative” I somehow put an “F” in front, “Flucrative.” Joking to my wife, I almost passed it off until it dawned on me, it’s the perfect word for a profoundly important principle.

The Mastery Mindset: Expect To Be Great, Do What Great People Do!

Ok, I searched my heart before sharing this. It is a prerequisite for success to be honest about one’s mistakes and failures. But is it not just as important to be honest about what works and share it? At cursory glance the following might seem self-proud, but I assure you, that is not what I feel. I am interested in lots of things… sports, places, people, acquiring different skills. I am blessed with usually being good at them. Someone recently asked me how that works and here is what I realized…