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YOU are successful. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Failures see this as a waste of time. Most won’t even click on this page. But you did.

That means, you probably have a good career, you’re pursuing your art form, or you’re a stay-at-home parent who’s grown a beautiful family.

Whatever your success, you get it.

But there’s a problem. You know there’s something missing. You know you are a gold mine of unrealized potential. And like me, you want to take life not just to the next level, but as far as it can go.

What’s missing?

Perhaps you feel a calling you’ve never embraced? A business, career or promotion you really want, or want to make better? Maybe there’s an adventure you want to take, a ministry or charity you want to start? Or a life of purpose that could be so much deeper?

And here’s the worst part… It’s not you. There is a force in the universe that holds you back, sabotages your mindset, hijacks your self-talk, tells you you don’t have what it takes, and fills your life with distractions from whatever would make things better.

Author, Stephen Pressfield calls this force Resistance. Resistance wants to keep you down, keep you right where you are, keep you coasting.

Why? Because… coasting only happens down hill.

What NOW!

Opportunity • Direction • Action

I like to ask audiences to complete this phrase:

“If it ain’t broke… ______________? And they all say…

“Don’t fix it.” Right? Here’s the problem with that mindset:

Time. Breaks. Everything.

If it’s working now, it likely will not be soon. Therefore we MUST reinvent, strategically and intentionally, which is what I teach in my “What IF Keynote Experience.”

Well guess what? Time just broke everything. Every industry will be reformed, reinvented… or removed.

These days my clients are asking, “What NOW???”

Introducing, ''What NOW!''

My brand new, virtually tested and proven keynote.

In “What NOW!” I will give your leaders and teams…

  • the mindset to look at the landscape that everyone else sees, but find the opportunities that they’re all still missing
  • the tools to create and change instead of managing it
  • the vision to set a bold, inspirational new direction based on predictable opportunities
  • the inspiration to take action, to execute boldly while others wait


  • Identify the opportunities others miss
  • Set your personal and organizational direction/goals
  • Develop the Virtuoso Mindset (for mastery)
  • Start creating change
  • Learn radical problem solving
  • Harness the power of your purpose
  • Create certainty about your future
  • Execute boldly
  • Learn and apply Virtuoso practices of the masters

Oh, and you’ll laugh until it hurts!

Imagine your teams equipped for innovation and radical problem solving, determined and equipped to succeed anyway whatever the obstacle., and inspired to action…

“What NOW!” And “What IF?”

The core content of my Hall of Fame “What IF?” keynote has never been more relevant and is therefore integral to “What NOW?” We’re just going to apply it directly to the issues you face today, answering “what now?” just for you.

Virtual Is Here

Check out my new, tested, and proven, industry-leading virtual studio. [link to virtual page] I can seamlessly present “What NOW!” and “What IF?” for your teams…

  • Live and virtually;
  • Live and in person (and I’m glad to travel);
  • In a customized, pre-recorded, keynote.

…all of which I have done multiple times with stellar results.

The antidote to fear and anxiety is action… strategic, intentional action; born of a new mindset, an inspired direction, and bold execution. And it doesn’t hurt to have a lot of fun as you learn!

This is what I alone can deliver for your organization.

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