The Professional Speaker’s Pathway To Post-Pandemic Prosperity

June 24, 25 from 8AM-11:30AM Pacific / 11AM – 1:30PM Eastern

What NOW?

The Professional Speaker’s Pathway To Post-Pandemic Prosperity

For years I have taught clients and audiences to ask, “What IF?” Now, we who are speakers are asking… What NOW???

  • Where is our industry going? What will live events look like in a new economy?
  • What will the world economy, businesses, careers and your bookings look like over the next two years?
  • What do you offer and how can you be relevant post-pandemic?
  • What and where are your new opportunities?
  • How can you position myself, your business, and your value proposition to benefit from the economic changes coming?
  • How can you create certainty in your business going forward?
  • What is the role of virtual, and what will you need?
  • How can you create certainty about a future that seems to have no certainties?

My friends, we will answer all of these questions when you join me in my brand new…

“What NOW?” The Professional Speaker’s Pathway to Post-Pandemic Prosperity
June 24, 25 from 8AM-11:30AM Pacific / 11AM – 1:30PM Eastern

I don’t want you to just survive, I want you to thrive! I want you to step out a lead! We need that from you NOW as a speaker.

I want you to be an example to your clients and colleagues. HOW? By letting the world feel the weight of your brilliance.

"What NOW?" For Speakers

Here’s the problem…

The bottom dropped out of our businesses. Most speakers are running a little scared. They’re hunkering down, waiting for the gigs to come back; hoping things will get better. Doubtfully holding on to see what happens next. Most are thinking from a place of scarcity and fear, rather than abundance and opportunity.

Not only that, but many of us did not have an emergency fund. It’s frustrating, frightening and self-defeating to not only have to reinvent, but do it from a place of loss, need, and scarcity.

There’s good news…
There is a cure!

The cure for anxiety, worry and fear is… action.

Specifically, every speaker must do the following…

  • You must adopt the necessary mindsets for the new world, and not just the obvious “take responsibility, walk your talk, work ethic, integrity, etc.” You will need more.
  • You must know the changes coming and position yourself and your value proposition now to benefit.
  • You must take intentional action based on a bold goal/direction, a solid plan and predictable outcomes.

Create certainty…
If we’ve learned nothing else over the past three months we’ve learned the world outside will never give you real certainty.

Certainty comes from faith and from within.

What we will do together when you enroll in
“What NOW?”…

  • You will immediately receive pre-work, a set of 20 questions designed to expand your thinking about yourself, your life, your career and your motivations. You will share those with me before the workshop so I can learn more about each one of you and deliver what you need;
  • You will learn to think bigger and expand you vision beyond what you ever have about your career and business;
  • You, with my guidance, will identify (for some of you re-identify) your gifts, talents, and passions;
  • You will identify specifically what you do, and from that deduce the essence of what you do, as well as your current value proposition;
  • You will learn the Seven Critical Mindsets you must have or adopt to thrive and lead in our post-pandemic world;
  • You will learn solid predictions and projections about our industry, as well as the overall business outlook for the coming few years, identifying your new opportunities;
  • You will set a bold, new career goal with at least a one year timeframe;
  • You will create a plan for that goal (something few goal-setting workshops ever do).
  • You will learn the “Secrets of Goal Achievement” to streamline your pathway to success.
  • You will learn the power of serving others along the way and it’s supernatural effect on your outcomes as well.

This program is designed specifically for professional speakers, yet it is also totally relevant for anyone wishing to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

The world needs your brilliance and all that you have to offer. But they’ll never get it if you’re sitting at home waiting for the world to change, the phone to ring, the bookings to come back.

“What NOW?” Is how you can take control, create certainty, and lead the way into an amazing new future.

Bonus! We will have a one-hour follow up session a week later to check in, answer questions, and be sure you’re on the right track.


Includes pre-work, full “What NOW?” program, and follow up session:

Enrollment: $197


Includes all the Master Level, plus lifetime membership in “The What IF Challenge” online learning, unlimited personal email access, Mike’s “What IF” book, Mike’s Carnegie Hall Live CD, and one hour private zoom coaching with Mike.

Enrollment: $497