“Mike’s program was amazing!  He was a joy to work with, he made me look very good and I appreciate that!  I cannot recommend him enough… FANTASTIC!”

– Lincoln Financial Group

Rayburn has performed more than 5,000 presentations for thousands of organizations, including most of the Fortune 100.

your people will know that the impossible … is possible.
they’re completely engaged with Rayburn’s innovative interface of guitar, comedy, and message.
your teams will have a bold, new, “What IF?” mindset for possibility thinking and Virtuoso performance.

(Oh, and they’ll laugh so hard it hurts!)


Your teams and organization will learn…

  • Three simple, powerful, tools tapping into their unrealized potential for abundance and profitability through innovation.
  • The most powerful motivational force on this planet. (Hint… it is not power, money, sex or fame).
  • The most basic human brain function and how to use it for positive change.
  • That “managing change” is not only stupid, it’s dangerous; the only way to manage change is to create change
  • To stop running from their uniqueness and begin to harness it as their competitive edge.
  • How to set and achieve bold goals where you don’t start with what’s possible, start with what’s cool, what’s right.
  • The power of your sense of purpose and how to draw on it to effect exponential change.
  • A simple10-minute exercise which will show you how to become a life and career virtuoso.
  • Entertainment on a level which has sold out Carnegie Hall.