Inspire * Equip * Entertain

Destroy Zoom Fatigue and Transform your virtual meeting into a Symphony of Excellence and Action.

Rayburn brings virtual to LIFE! For your online meeting Mike Rayburn will…

  • In the first 30 seconds Rayburn will reset the idea of what’s possible, boldly launching your meeting with a tone for success!
  • Conduct your entire virtual meeting like a grand symphony
  • Provide short, powerful energy breaks with humor and world class guitar between speakers and agenda items.
  • Send them off with a big closing, challenging them to step beyond their limitations and take action on all they learned.
  • Subtly equip them with the tools for possibility thinking and the mindset for change and innovation.
  • Cover all introductions and transitions and keep things moving!
  • Seamlessly cover for technical and other challenges, including the ability to step in with a full presentation.
  • Increase and even supercharge ROI on your meeting investment.
  • Rayburn will conduct/emcee your meeting to deliver substantive, actionable outcomes to drive cohesion, morale, and ultimately revenue.
Rayburn: Virtual Meeting Conductor
Mike Rayburn


  • Speaker Hall of Fame
  • Successful author and blogger
  • Two TED Talks
  • Carnegie Hall Headlining Guitarist
  • Expert on innovation, change, and performance

As a master musician Rayburn knows a lot about conducting.

Why not let Rayburn conduct/EMCEE your virtual meeting, creating a multi-sensory experience? Whether your meeting is one hour, half day, full day, or multi-days, Rayburn will conduct your entire meeting, manage energy and flow, unite your people, equip them with the mindset to innovate and perform, make them laugh, and blow their minds with world class guitar… all in short segments between and throughout your virtual meeting, keeping everyone energized and entertained… and your meeting on track!

Seriously, it’s all that and more.

Rayburn will start way before the event by learning your people, ideas and outcomes. He will help you design the perfect virtual event maximizing flow, pacing, introductions, transitions, and plan for Rayburn’s energy and inspiration-breaks which uplift your virtual experience.

Imagine turning those blank zoom faces staring into desk computers, into the smiles and laughter of inspired team members!

What do you get when you combine a skilled emcee, a master musician, and a renowned, hall of fame speaker in one human being?

Mike Rayburn, the ULTIMATE conductor of your virtual meeting.

Rayburn is…

  • the presenter you’d bring in for innovation and change,
  • the comedian everyone can’t stop laughing at
  • a Carnegie Hall headlining guitarist (don’t believe it? watch him perform Bohemian Rhapsody on solo guitar).

Rayburn will provide your complete on-camera facilitation, messaging and entertainment.