Verve Church

Mike’s Church/Mission in Las Vegas

Verve ChurchWhat Mike didn’t realize in moving to Las Vegas is that there was a much bigger, far more important purpose in relocating his entire family to Las Vegas than having a show on the strip (though that was fun!). Mike, his wife, Tara, and their children, Seneca and Zachary have helped plant a church called Verve. Verve means passionate, vibrant, abundant life!

Mike says, “Verve that incredible life we experience when we make Christ the center and focus of our lives, and that is what we wish to share with and offer to the people of Las Vegas, particularly those who live and work on and around The Strip. We say it’s a ‘church for people who don’t like church.’ The message and beliefs are absolutely biblical and Christ-centered. Beyond that it’s totally different. No choirs and robes and dirge-like organ music. Instead we have a hard-edged rock band, videos, comedy, and a pastor who doubles as a stand-up comic.”

Mike volunteers 8-20 or more hours every week working with Verve. His activities involve playing lead electric guitar in the band, mentorship, community outreach through music and other activities, teaching, and good ol’ manual labor. “We practice what Pastor Vince likes to call ‘guerilla love,” says Mike. “We like to ambush unsuspecting yet deserving people with random acts of help and assistance. If someone is in a tough situation and needs to move, we get 6 or 7 guys and go move them. We collect school supplies for teachers and students in low-income areas. One time we gave away my show! I teamed up with my friend, Jeff Civilico and we did our Vegas show as a giveaway for people, so in this tough economic time they could get a real Vegas show for free (and packed the place, which was AWESOME!).

We’ve done spontaneous block parties, all kinds of things to help foster community. We’ve supported food banks, as well as other churches. What I like most is we start by serving. No questions, no requirements, just find a need and serve it. Given what all God has done for me I’m not EVEN close to re-paying all I’ve received.”

Some Vegas/Verve Statistics…

  1. Only 9% of Las Vegas’ two million people go to church.
  2. 270,000 people live within 5 miles of our building. That’s the same amount of people as in the entire city of Lexington, KY and as in St. Paul, MN. Lexington has about 450 churches. St. Paul has about 650. Our 5 mile radius, with the same population base, has 11.
  3. As of this writing (September, 2011) we’ve had 89 decisions for Christ/baptisms now in 18 months – including at least one pimp, at least one stripper, at least two Mormons, at least one gang member, at least one tattoo artist, and on and on and on.

Other Verve Facts from Vince:

  1. What we’re doing is so unique that four times we’ve been asked to make our church a reality TV show. (Vince has said no.)
  2. We’re doing a church planting conference to help other pastors who want to reach people who are really far from God. (called Vault)
  3. Our big, long-term vision is to help start churches in the most sinful streets, neighborhoods, and cities around the world.

How You Can Help…

Mike says, “If you feel moved or called to support us there are a few ways to do that. First of all, donations are always welcome, tax-deductible, and safe and easy to do online. Click here. Perhaps more importantly, we LOVE mission teams to come help. Though there is certainly need elsewhere, we have all the mission work you can handle right here in Las Vegas. If you look at the types of places Jesus chose to visit in his ministry, and you look at the United States, Jesus would have come to Las Vegas. Mission teams who come work with us tell us two things most often: They worked REALLY hard, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives!”

Mike concludes, “Most importantly, we believe in the power of prayer. YOUR prayers. Please pray for us, however you feel prompted.”

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