The Story…

This is a career that chose him. For years Mike Rayburn was a nationally successful guitarist and comedian with degrees in Classical Guitar Performance and Music Business, voted America’s Campus Entertainer of the Year three times in four years.

What most people didn’t know is that Mike has always been a personal development and success nerd, studying creativity and innovation, change and it’s effects on people, goals and performance (unusual for most artists).

A month after completing a world first: The first-ever cross-country concert tour on bicycle (See USA Today article), an all-consuming question came to Mike:

What if he could combine his passions for guitar, comedy and message? Could he teach and illustrate the keys to change, innovation and profitability using guitar and comedy?

If so, Mike knew he would be doing something truly unique on the planet, something no one else could do.

So, Rayburn took a big risk.

With everything going his way, the height of his career as a national college circuit performer… Rayburn left.

He changed agents. He studied, worked with coaches, went to Spain to study new guitar techniques with Robert Fripp, and spent literally thousands of hours creating, testing, performing and honing the presentation that you’re about to experience called, “The What IF? Keynote Experience.”

Guess what? It worked. And then some.

In short order Rayburn was touring the world. His message and totally unique delivery were so effective, yet so simple NASA (you know, rocket scientists, astronauts) invited him to present for their TED Talk event.

Rayburn was voted the top presenter of the event.

The message resonated. Companies began to experience sales growth by simply applying these tools. Individuals saw great improvements in their professional and personal lives.

For some the “What If? Mindset,” as Mike calls it, has been simply a better, a more creative way to go through the day.

For some, like Phil Harris from Orkin, it’s been exponential sales growth and rapid career advancement.

For some who’ve tearfully shared their stories, it’s changed their entire lives, being just the message – the hope – they needed to hear, at just the right time.

And of course, for much of the Fortune 100 including Wal-Mart, Exxon, Wells Fargo, UnitedHealth Group, State Farm, Nationwide, MetLife, Ford, PepsiCo, Comcast, Sony, Anthem, and countless others, it’s been transformational to the point of bringing Rayburn back multiple times.

So, Mike continues. What’s ahead is manifold. He’s taking on new musical and performance projects. He’s creating an entire “Virtuoso Systems” online learning program to escort individuals and corporations to the results they want to achieve.

You have an great opportunity in experiencing Mike Rayburn’s “What IF? Keynote Experience. Don’t miss it. There is no one who can do what Rayburn does.