What NOW? For Speakers – Masters Level


What NOW? For Speakers – Masters Level

This program is designed specifically for professional speakers, yet it is also totally relevant for anyone wishing to thrive in the post-pandemic world.


  • You will immediately receive pre-work, a set of 20 questions designed to expand your thinking about yourself, your life, your career and your motivations. You will share those with me before the workshop so I can learn more about each one of you and deliver what you need;
  • You will learn to think bigger and expand you vision beyond what you ever have about your career and business;
  • You, with my guidance, will identify (for some of you re-identify) your gifts, talents, and passions;
  • You will identify specifically what you do, and from that deduce the essence of what you do, as well as your current value proposition;
  • You will learn the Seven Critical Mindsets you must have or adopt to thrive and lead in our post-pandemic world;
  • You will learn solid predictions and projections about our industry, as well as the overall business outlook for the coming few years, identifying your new opportunities;
  • You will set a bold, new career goal with at least a one year timeframe;
  • You will create a plan for that goal (something few goal-setting workshops ever do).
  • You will learn the “Secrets of Goal Achievement” to streamline your pathway to success.
  • You will learn the power of serving others along the way and it’s supernatural effect on your outcomes as well.


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