Hologram Keynote

Keynote Speaker, Author, World-Class
Guitarist, Comedian, Mike Rayburn

Teleport Rayburn in for a Transformational Experience

Take your event boldly into the future. Have Mike Rayburn, an authority on innovation, possibility mindset and mastery, deliver his keynote as a full size hologram. This is NOT a video call, Skype or Zoom. This is cutting edge, 3D, with fully interactive, two-way engagement between Rayburn and your attendees.

Don’t just talk about innovation and possibility… Show it! And then let Rayburn give your teams the tools to act on it. Rayburn’s hologram keynote experience will make an unforgettable impression, guaranteeing his message takes hold. It will transform and align your team’s mindset, and supercharge your conference results.

Give Your Audience What They Want…
But Never What They Expect.

Mike Rayburn will deliver his “What If?” or “High-Performance” keynote, tailored for your group, via hologram, anywhere in the world. This experience will be totally interactive – Rayburn will see and hear your people and be able to “work” the audience, and they will experience him with 3D presence.

Mike Rayburn: Standing Ovation
Mike Rayburn: Hologram Studio
Rayburn is one of only a handful of speakers in the world to offer this new option through his partnership with ARHT Media, Toronto. He pioneered this technology for speakers in 2014 in his iconic closing keynote for the National Speakers Association. Now… From capture studios in Los Angeles, New York, or Toronto, or locations in Europe and Asia, Rayburn can present literally anywhere in the world. And, we can work with your existing AV, supplying everything necessary to bring Rayburn’s hologram keynote experience to your event.