D!SRUPT!ON! 2022
The Un-Retreat
February 10-12, Las Vegas
  • Discover what’s beneath, to create what’s ahead
  • Live by DESIGN, not by default
  • Harness your fullest, boldest self-expression
  • And make 2022 your year!
  • Most people are successful, but know that there is so much more.
  • Most people are tired of their job. Tired of living for the weekend. Or just tired.
  • Most people are living on the surface… with only an occasional glance below.
  • Most people feel stifled in truly expressing themselves, and outwardly being themselves.
  • Most people have a hidden dream, purpose or goal, something that surfaces once in a while that they’ve either written off or just don’t believe can happen.
  • Most people know they have a hidden goal, but haven’t discovered it.
  • Most people do NOT have an exciting plan for their lives and careers.

And that’s why most people end up like… most people.

If you’re happy with being like most people that is GREAT, you do not need to read any further.

If, on the other hand, you are that rare person who realizes to aim higher, you must dig deeper;
If you are hungry for discovering; If you’re ready to do The Work…
and if you’re willing to get a uncomfortable in the process…

D!SRUPT!ON – the un-Retreat – is for you.

We call it the un-Retreat because in D!SRUPT!ON we do little-to-no sitting at desks, taking notes, and viewing PowerPoint slides. (Ugh).

We go off hotel grounds, create unique experiences that you’ve never had before, get uncomfortable, and open ourselves up with the purpose of discovering, creating, and becoming what you’re truly meant to do and be. Then we assimilate your discoveries into your five-year life plan.

D!SRUPT!ON! 2022
“The glory of God is man fully alive.”
-St. Ireneous

We want you to live fully alive!
We believe that is God’s desire for your life.
And it is our deep passion and purpose to be your guide on this journey

When you are fully alive and radically self-expressed,

  • Your actions are confident and radiate with purpose
  • Your relationships are dynamic and growing
  • Your business/career is aligned with your core, and the byproduct is profit!
  • God, your spirituality becomes truly your source

This is the outcome when you experience

[D!SRUPT!ON is open to any faith or non-faith, we love it! And, yeah, we talk about God. Consider that when you make plans]


What comes naturally is not always what comes easily.

Patterns and routines in your life make things easier for just getting by, and we end up… just getting by. And they are not the REAL, natural you.

At D!SRUPT!ON we’re going to interrupt your pattern!

  • We dig deep.
  • We go further.
  • We push you (kindly)
  • We get you out of your comfort zone, because the best things in life rarely happen in your comfort zone.

Choose to get disrupted February 10-12, 2022.

D!SRUPT!ON is for…

  • successful professionals
  • successful non-professionals
  • anyone wanting to break through their current ceiling of performance
  • people tired of living by default and brave enough to live by design
  • people ready for more than a change, they want a transformation
  • people who want to discover their purpose or “hidden dream”

It’s time to become all you were born to be…