You’ve had a fantastic conference, people are asking, “What IF…?” there’s a renewed passion and motivation, right?

The question is,

“What NOW???”

You and I KNOW what happens…

You return home and old mindsets kick in, old habits, leftover to-do-lists and then… the excitement dies.

Pretty soon you’re back where you started.

This has frustrated me for YEARS!

So I created the solution…

Take the What IF? Challenge!

The What IF? Challenge is 16 powerful sessions, each a fun, 3 – 4 1/2 minute video with a carefully chosen “What IF?” question designed to align and transform your teams’ mindset for innovation, opportunity and performance.

The Process…

Watch one video per week (or however often you like), then spend about 10-15 minutes answering and responding to the question. You also get a Master Leader’s Guide, as well as follow up questions for each challenge to facilitate team discussions and real application to your organizational growth.

Then…act on your solutions!

Watch the Welcome Video

Outcomes of the What IF? Challenge…

In about four minutes per video, and a few minutes of focused brainstorming your teams will…

  • Create a bigger vision for what’s possible.
  • Develop an innovative, “What IF?” mindset
  • Stop managing change and start creating change
  • Create extraordinary customer experiences
  • Harness their uniqueness and creativity
  • Align your teams with the “What IF?” mindset
  • Reinvent intentionally
  • Create more time each day
  • Renew their sense of purpose and service.
  • Unleash their hidden potential
  • Create a personalized plan for becoming world class, their personal best.

Don’t miss this chance to lock in your conference gains and supercharge your innovation mindset.

You Will Get…

  • Greatly increased ROI for your conference.
  • Substantial discounts for Rayburn’s clients.
  • Choose your delivery format: Rayburn’s site with login, drip email, or SCORM upload to your LMS
  • Master Leader’s Guide, as well as PDF Download workbook and discussion questions for each challenge.
  • Powerful content, yet entertaining and inspirational.
  • Personalized and simple to use.
  • Full access to the library or challenges to go at your own pace and order.
  • Private What IF? Challenge Facebook Group membership.
  • Extremely effective either self-directed or when used/viewed by teams as well.
  • Lifetime access to use again and again.
  • Created by an artist/entrepreneur with the outside perspective necessary for a fresh perspective and real transformation.

Inspire Your Team

For corporations, organizations, and associations, we will design your plan for full access to the What IF? Challenge for everyone in your organization for a one-time fee.

Rates as low as $1 per user.

Email for a quote, or call 1(403) 398-8488.

Weekly Topics

  • Vision
  • Possibility Thinking
  • Courageous Innovation
  • Customer Experiences
  • Discover Opportunities
  • Intentional Reinvention
  • Time Management
  • Set & Achieve Bold Goals
  • Influence Others
  • Your Uniqueness
  • Unleash your Potential
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Personal Challenges
  • Your Purpose
  • The Virtuoso Decision
  • The Virtuoso Plan

The fun part is…the fun part.

Content is critical. But content doesn’t change people. What changes people is the experience. 

The “What IF Challenge” is not only transformational for your life and business, it’s fun, funny and each challenge opens with a short guitar passage. You and your teams will love it!

Your team will get 16 Videos delivered weekly via email, PLUS:

PDF Workbooks Included:

  • 37 page Weekly Exercise Workbook
  • Group Leaders Guide

NOW, before the excitement wears off, make it last, implement new ideas and transform your life and business…

Take The What IF? Challenge!

Special discounts are available when you include the What IF? Challenge subscription with Rayburn’s What IF? Keynote Experience or other resources.