The Foundation of All Innovation and Problems-Solving

The Foundation of All Innovation, Problem-Solving and Growth… Is Simple My “What If…?” Keynote Explained As a ponderer and thinker of thoughts, I recently stumbled upon what I consider to be the foundation for all innovation, problem-solving, and growth. 1. Imagination.  2. Direction.  3. Action. You imagine the possibilities. From those you choose a direction…

This One Action Quintupled My Income and Changed My Life: Start a MASTERMIND GROUP

(Yeah, it’s a selfie but I’m stuck on an island alone. Read below) This One Action Quintupled My Income and Changed My Life: Start a MASTERMIND GROUP.  We called ourselves “The Starving Motivators.” In 1999 Robin Crow, Jana Stanfield, Tim Bays and I would meet every month, or three weeks, even weekly for a time,…

You Cannot Truly See Yourself. Two GREAT Ways To Get The RIGHT Input

Surround Yourself With Praise, Accountability, and Praise… It’s Called Grace.  My wonderful agent and manager, Christa Haberstock recently wrote an illuminating LinkedIn post about the importance of praise, yet the danger of too much praise and surrounding yourself with “yes people.” As someone who’s experienced both extreme praise and extreme, unloving criticism, I concur. For…

What To Do When You Feel Down and Totally Unmotivated (The “S-D” Words Defined)

We’ve all been there: One day, for whatever reason, you’re down, unmotivated, but you’ve got stuff to do. Is it the Nike answer, just do it? Force yourself even though you feel like crap? Well… no. And Yes. I have a solution you may not have considered. First of all and obviously, if there is an important or mandatory task, you have no choice, you have to do it. This is called self-discipline which my friend, Brian Tracy defines as: “Doing what you need to do, when you need to do it, regardless of how you feel about it.”

A Powerful, Rarely Practiced Use of Visualization

My wife is amazed that almost every time we go somewhere, on the busiest day, I get a great parking space. The kids even ask, “Dad, how do you do that?” It’s simple: I see it before I get there. And now I believe it will be there waiting for me because it’s happened so often. And nine times out of ten, it is. I imagine most of us have heard of visualization, where you picture the thing you want, exactly as you want it, and it comes to you, or has a greater likelihood of coming to you.