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A two-time TED Presenter and international Hall of Fame speaker, Rayburn uses world class guitar skills and hilarious, clean, music-based comedy to teach your teams the three tools which took him from playing for seven people in a bar in Virginia … to Carnegie Hall.
Eight times.

For Meeting Professionals


“Mike’s program was amazing!  He was a joy to work with, he made me look very good and I appreciate that!  I cannot recommend him enough… FANTASTIC!”

– Lincoln Financial Group

Past Client Logos
Mike Rayburn


“The What IF Keynote Experience will ignite your teams to…

  • Create change, rather than manage change
  • Think in terms of possibilities, not scarcity
  • Discover the opportunities they’re currently missing
  • See all their success as a launching pad for what’s next
  • Harness their uniqueness as their competitive edge
  • Shape what’s next for the greatest possible good
  • Act from their sense of purpose in all they do
  • Attract success, rather than pursue it

Rayburn’s message is spot on for creating abundance and profitability.

Mike’s ‘What IF?” mantra becomes like a great song hook that plays over and over. You’ll hear it repeated throughout the conference and beyond. That’s the sound of the message taking hold … and this song hook can change your business and your life.

Mike Rayburn’s “What IF? Keynote Experience” is a high-energy odyssey of message and entertainment designed to set the tone for success for your event.

Show Your Appreciation, Make the Message Last, Give Your People

The What If? Action Pack


Bulk (25 or more) gift options and discounts (All include beautiful packaging)

Everything you need to act on and share Mike’s message and fun with your teams and families.


  • “What IF” book – Rayburn’s complete keynote message.
  • “What If Keynote Experience” – live video of Rayburn’s keynote
  • “Mike Rayburn at Carnegie Hall” live – comedy and guitar
  • “A Nerd Like Me” – Taylor Swift and other parodies plus Bohemian Rhapsody
  • “Romantical” – Rayburn’s guitar instrumental – mellow
  • “Fidgety Digits” – Rayburn’s guitar instrumental – spirited
BONUS: Become A Life Virtuoso workbook. How to become a master of the things that matter in your life.

Contact CMI Speaker Management at 1-1(403) 398-8488 to find out how Mike Rayburn can make your event unforgettable.

Reward Your Group With Rayburn’s Music

Here’s how it works best…

At the energetic peak of Rayburn’s show – that moment when they all want more – Mike will surprise the group with a gift from you –  the “What IF Action Pack,” the “What IF?” book, or membership in the “What IF?” Challenge, as a reward for each attendee.

Mike will share this with the group as your way of honoring your teams/clients for their loyalty and hard work.

They go crazy every time! And, they will love you for it.

More importantly, they’ll reap the rewards of the message and fun for years to come.

To honor and invest in your people call CMI Speaker Management at 1-1(403) 398-8488.