Reinforce the Message!

Mike Rayburn Support Materials

Mike_Rayburn_print_promo_10Picture this… It’s the end of Mike’s presentation and your people are mesmerized. They’ve been amazed and laughing hysterically for an hour or more. They’re inspired and they want more!

Why not give it to them? Why not let them keep that inspiration forever?

At the high point of the program, when people are wondering about Mike’s CDs, DVD, or “What If…?” book, Mike will proudly tout and build their interest in the particular item you’ve chosen. Then, when they expect a sales pitch, Mike will instead spring your surprise on them: They can’t buy Mike’s DVD (or book or CD), because you are giving them each a copy right after the show!

Without exception, the reaction is huge… over the top! We’ve seen it every time it’s been done. This is so effective, we offer deep discounts of at least 50% or more, just to make it happen!

Mike’s Suggestions

For his “What If…?” keynote either…

  • His book, “What If…? Dare To Do More, Be More and Reach Farther Than You Ever Thought Possible,
  • Or his DVD, which contains both the keynote, and his all-entertainment show

For Mike’s “Classically Trained, Comically Derailed,” all entertainment show… Mike suggests:

  • His “Live at Carnegie Hall” CD, which contains the show they will have just experienced, (and is heard many times daily on XM/Sirius)
  • His DVD mentioned above which has this show and his keynote
  • And/or his guitar instrumental CDs, called Fidgety Digits and Romantical

Why the Big Discount?

  • Mike is genuinely interested in people acting on his message; Mike’s book, CDs, or DVD are the perfect way to reinforce the point, solidify the change.
  • Obviously, bulk orders are less expensive… we pass that on to you.
  • It creates an amazingly positive, palpable feeling of benevolence within the entire group, from you.
  • It’s a show of appreciation for the honor of getting to present for you and your group.
  • People love having a keepsake, a reminder of the event they’ve experienced.
  • It is far more important to Mike that people get the material than worry over money.

Customize Mike Rayburn Support Materials

If you give us enough lead time we can customize the cover of Mike’s DVD, CD’s, or book to include your name, theme, message, anything you like. We can do this simply or extravagantly, from a sticker, to an entirely new cover or insert we create together. Let us know.

Make the most of your event, get the greatest payoff, value and return on your investment—contact See Agency at (310) 903-1971 or BookMike(at)