Why Book Mike?

  • Lead by example. So, you want your team to be innovative, creative, possibility thinkers, yet you’re going to book the same old speaker with the same old style and tools? Why not lead by example. Mike Rayburn’s presentation style is bold, innovative and extremely effective.
  • Mike’s message works. Results matter. Ask any of Mike’s clients and the’ll boast of sales increases, new initiatives, increased morale, and improved performance following Mike’s presentation. Beyond Mike’s raw energy and entertainment, the tools your team learns will generate strong results.
  • Retention: “What if…?” Every major invention in history began with a “What if?” question. Why isn’t your team asking it constantly? Watch what happens following Mike’s keynote… your attendees will be asking “What If?” over and over. It’ll go viral, as will the benefits.
  • Proof. For the skeptics Mike literally proves his message before your eyes and ears. Few speakers can do that.
  • Raw talent. Mike is hilarious and musically amazing. Only a handful of guitarists in the world can pull off all of “Bohemian Rhapsody” on one guitar. While Mike’s content is transformational, the entertainment value alone is worth it.
  • Track record. Mike doesn’t have a bad day on stage. He’s got 15 years and more than a thousand clients, including more than 20% of the Fortune 500, 100 and 50 companies – including Wells Fargo, Hilton, Walmart, Sony, MetLife, Sotheby’s, Verizon who rave about Mike and book multiple presentations. As fresh as he is Mike is a safe bet for your event.
  • Mike’s done it. Mike doesn’t teach what he thinks works, he teaches what he knows from experience. Headlining Carnegie Hall, two TED Talks, entrepreneurial success as a small business owner, selling half a million records on his own independent label… these are world class business and artistic accomplishments. Mike has and knows what it takes.
  • It’s about the “experience.” Content doesn’t change people; it’s the experience that changes people. Mike is a master in creating an experience, so that the content takes hold.

Bonus: Mike always delivers. You want to start, end or energize your event on the highest note and the grandest scale possible, delivering transformational content. Mike Rayburn is the answer.