Inspirational Thought Leader Mike Rayburn Believes in You, Your Team and the Power of “What If…?”

As a Hall of Fame speaker, author, comedian, and world-class guitarist, Mike Rayburn is an inspirational thought leader and one of the most in-demand and un-conventional keynote artists in the world. Drawing from his success as an entrepreneur as well as a Carnegie Hall headliner, Mike is a master at increasing profitability and impact by inspiring your team to become possibility thinkers and virtuoso performers… all by daring you to ask the question, “What if…?”

Mike’s Transformative Solutions

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Keynote Performance Experience

What If...? keynote presentation
The “What If…?” Experience

Discover three simple, powerful tools you can use to access your team’s gold mine of unrealized potential!  Delivered around the world, Mike’s award-winning “What If…?” keynote experience is hilarious, musically amazing and truly transformational.  Find out how Mike can help inspire innovation, creativity and a sense of purpose!


Performance and Profit Building Breakouts

Become a Virtuoso! breakout session
Become A Virtuoso!
…How To Discover and Get to YOUR Carnegie Hall

Ever wish you knew the specific tools, choices and habits of top performers?  Now you can!  In this life-changing breakout session, Mike Rayburn will help your attendees discover the secrets of mastery and peak performance, as well as how to apply them to their life and career.


What If...?
Write Music You Can’t Play…
Mike’s Unique Secrets of Goal Setting and Achievement

In just 60 minutes, your attendees will discover how to set empowering goals… and then do it!  Mike will help them examine all aspects of their life, set goals, make a plan and commit it to the calendar. Finally, your attendees will discover seven secrets of goal achievement practiced by top achievers.


Special Event

Compose Yourself special event
Mike’s “What If…?” Special Event!

In one to two concentrated days in Las Vegas, Mike Rayburn will help you transform your future… and become a LIFE virtuoso! This intensive, powerfully experiential event is designed for attendees who want the most from life, reject mediocrity and desire to live extraordinary lives, becoming amazing innovators and possibility thinkers.


Thought Leader Resources and Support Materials

What If...? book by Mike Rayburn
“What If…?” Book by Mike Rayburn

Mike Rayburn’s “What If…?” will dare you to do more, be more and reach farther than you ever thought possible! You’ll discover three simple, powerful ways to access your gold mine of unrealized potential and become a possibility thinker. Contains foreword by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Secret).


How the Masters Became Masters DVD
“How the Masters Became Masters” DVD

We often learn about success and personal development from business leaders, sports figures and those who’ve achieved great things individually. We rarely learn from ARTISTS! Mike sat down with eight of the top session musicians in the world and interviewed them about what it takes to become the best. You’ll be surprised and inspired by some of their responses. Includes interviews with world-renowned guitarist, Phil Keaggy, and mega-entrepreneur, studio mogul and speaker, Robin Crow.


World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso DVD
“World’s Funniest Guitar Virtuoso” live DVD

This contains Mike’s signature “What If…?” keynote presentation, as well as Mike’s acclaimed entertainment program called “Classically Trained, Comically Derailed.”


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