Discover What it Takes to Become a High Achiever and Get to the Top 1 Percent of Your Field

How to Become a High Achiever“Become a Virtuoso!… How to Get to YOUR Carnegie Hall” Breakout Session by Mike Rayburn

Mike Rayburn has an amazing new, high content, high energy breakout session called “Become a Virtuoso! …How To Get To YOUR Carnegie Hall.” You and your attendees will discover how to get to the top one percent of your field, the secrets of MASTERY and PEAK PERFORMANCE.

There are very specific habits, choices philosophies and attitudes that top performers have and others don’t. You will discover not just what these are but how to apply them to your life and career. While this session is fun and engaging, it is also high content, about how to live a life of excellence, to develop the habit of greatness, to demonstrate mastery… to become a VIRTUOSO!

Your attendees will discover:

  • How to make the most important decision of their lives, the “excellence choice,” …and the consequences of not making it.
  • Before you climb the ladder, be sure it’s leaning on the right wall.
  • The daily habits/practices of champions
  • How to learn from the best, sharpen your learning curve, and quit trying to reinvent the wheel
  • The time management principles (and secrets) of virtuoso performers.
  • How to set goals to effect exponential change, and more importantly, the virtuoso’s secrets of goal achievement.
  • The “Ten Year Principle.” How to become a world-class expert in your field in ten years or less.
  • The self-discipline of high achievers… “practice, practice!”
  • Success comes through you, not from you… You learn the notes so you can forget the notes.
  • How to “hit with the tightest fist;” developing extraordinary focus.
  • Virtuosos are weird, they do what others will not.
  • The power, perspective and importance of failure.
  • The power of expectation, ego, and belief.
  • Virtuosos are lucky… and you can be too.

Mike Rayburn is uniquely qualified in the world to teach this program. While there are many speakers who study successful people and teach what they’ve learned, Mike Rayburn doesn’t teach what he thinks… he teaches what he knows by literally doing it. In fact, Mike has achieved top 1% three times in his life:

  1. In the world of college entertainment there are tens of thousands of entertainers. Mike was voted America’s Campus Entertainer of the Year three times in four years (by 5400 colleges and universities). No one has done that before or since.
  2. Beyond the college market, Mike rose from playing for seven people in a bar in Virginia, to eight command performances at Carnegie Hall, and recording a “Live At Carnegie Hall” CD. Few entertainers in the world have achieved this.
  3. As a professional speaker, Mike was recently inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. Fewer than 1 percent of speakers have achieved this.

But please make no mistake, this is not an ego-centric presentation, these are merely credibility points. Mike draws examples from many great achievers… from Lance Armstrong to Neil Armstrong, from business, sales and entrepreneurial successes to sports, music and entertainment.

“How To Get To YOUR Carnegie Hall” is perfect for sales meetings, financial groups, healthcare, leadership, management, educators… any career where people want to improve their game exponentially.

It is usually 60 minutes but adjustable to your schedule. It is preferable to have it after Mike’s keynote, not preceding.

Discover how to become a high achiever in your field—contact See Agency at (310) 903-1971 to bring Mike Rayburn into your organization!